Band Members :
Manav Bhardwaj - Vocals
Vishal Dave - Vocals

Dushyant Dubey  - Guitars
Abhinav Sandhir - Guitars
Baibhav Chatterjee - Bass
Falgun Pandit - Drums

Contravene is a Groove / Metalcore band from Ahmedabad (Gujarat). The band started as a project by Dushyant and Baibhav who wanted to make a band that played brutal breakdown-aggressive riffing-metal. They decided to create music that was different from the usual "Satan-Brutal-Death-Cannibal-Rotting-Flesh" stereotype that bands normally go with. But instead, Contravene was made into a band that talked about our lives, our lives and what we see around us. The necessary evils that everyone has to go through, issues that we face in our daily lives, things that make us ask ourselves - "Why do I have to do this?".  

Single Track List :

1. Bite The Hand  Mp3 Download YouTube
2. Social Suicide  Mp3 Download YouTube
3. Loser

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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