Eternal Rust

Band Members :
Varun Sharma Aka. Rust Hammer

Eternal Rust is a Neo-Folk solo project of Varun Sharma from Mumbai with influences of Dark folk / Ambient / Marshal folk and Doom. According to him "Folk music has always been a medium to narrate stories. In this case I use folk to narrate stories of nature and its mysteries. The dark side of Nature per say is the most enticing element of its existence which puts us in awe. This is best narrated through Folk music. Being "Neo" folk makes it experimental and more open to other influences. This makes folk all the more mysterious and beautiful and allows one to bring in more influences such as use of ethnic instruments like the Kantele".

Single Track List :

1. Looking Through Me  Mp3 Download 
2. This Moment
3. Life Lies Dying
4. Hallways of The Abandoned Fortress
5. Blinding Hate

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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