Indo Gypsies

Band Members :
Saurabh Shetye - Vocals
Nayan Kawale - Guitars
Aditya Jain - Bass
Durgesh Khot - Keyboards
Amit Mhatre - Drums / Percussion

Vinayak Gawas - Tabla / Percussion

Indo Gypsies is a Contemporary Fusion / Folk / World Music band from Mumbai, formed in October 2011 with an idea of fusing different genres. The band is pretty much true to their name, thus, 'Indo' stands for their Indian roots, and as 'Gypsies', they are not restricted to any particular genre. This diversity arises from the fact that all of the band members greatly differ in their musical backgrounds. The band is an innovative lot of youths, immensely talented and dedicated to make wondrous melodies, symphonies and rhythmic styles weaving through their original compositions. The Indo Gypsies have a very fresh sound with tantalizing vocals and creatively crafted music which awaken a wide range of emotions through all the age groups. The punchy sound of the drums, the crazily and soothing guitars, the Indian touch of the tabla, the groovy rhythm of the darbuka, the completeness of the bass, the sweet drops of the keys, along with some heartfelt and strong vocals, make the Indo Gypsies into unique World Music Performers.

EP "Indo Gypsies" 2012 Track List :

1. I Owe You
2. Soldier's Love
3. Zidd Dhariyo
4. I Owe You (Unplugged)
5. Anjaani Raahein

Single Track List :

1. I'm Sending India To School (WRY 2012 Anthem)  Video 

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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