Neel And The Lightbulbs

Band Members :
Neel Adhikari - Vocals / Guitars [Ex. Span/Five Little Indians/Krosswindz]
Subhodip Banerjee - Guitars / Vocals
Roheet Mukherjee - Bass
Avinash Chordia - Drums [The Supersonics]

Neel And The Lightbulbs is an Indie Rock / Funk band from Kolkata. The band mainly plays mainly original music but often does quirky cover versions of various American and British artists. The lyrics attempt to engage the crowd and create a situation where the lines between the crowd and the performers get blurred. They also have an innovative project with renowned Barmer (Rajasthan) musicians called 'Desert Funk'. Neel has been a music director par excellence. His skills have gained him recognition through his film projects 'Gandu' and 'Tasher Desh' and his seamless collaborations with greats like Susheela raman, Sam Mills, Paban Das Baul and Asian Dub Foundation. His Indo Brit Venture 'Mana' has been the backbone of his these ventures.

EP "House In A Car" 2012 Track List :

1. House In A Car
2. Lights And Tunnels  Video 
3. Throw It All Away  Video 
4. Friends In The Right Places
5. 915

Single Track List :

1. Hypnotised
2. Washing Windows  Video 

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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