Band Members :
Tukun Chongtham - Vocals
Mantosh Thokchom - Guitars
Sen Thokchom - Bass
Surjit Kshetri - Keyboards
Jackie Chan - Drums

Kanglasha is a Hard Rock / Metal band from Imphal (Manipur), formed in 2007. Previously they used to cover songs in english though lately they've got into doing original songs in their native "meitei" language. This change has been great for as it kind of closed the language barrier and generation gap problem that had existed for a long time. Now even the older generation who are not familiar with rock music have started listening to their songs as they understand their lyrics. They have released their debut 8-track album titled "Pakhangba" somewhere in 2010.

Album "Pakhangba" 2010 Track List :

:Please write me the album tracks if anyone knows it:

Single Track List :

1. Pakhangba  Video 
2. Kangleipak
3. Punshinba
4. Unity

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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