Band Members :
Shagun Trisal - Vocals
Vipul Verma - Vocals
Moses Koul - Guitars
 Rangarajan Venkatraman - Bass
Reet Mukherjee - Drums
Reuben Das - Keyboards

Kraken is an Experimental Metal band from Delhi, formed in 2012 by Moses Koul. The band was formed as a result of varying musical interests of the members held together by the ability to respect each others tastes in everything ranging from ambient music, art to design and literature. Kraken transcends all boundaries of music to play an amalgamation of a variety of styles and sounds. Currently the band is working on their 5-track debut EP.

Single Track List :

1. Chronicles of I And I
2. Dance Jane Dance
3. Toss Into My Wrath
4. Psychometric
5. Constellations

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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