Band Members :
Chingkhiuliang - Vocals
Jian - Guitars
Jonah - Guitars
Stephen - Bass
Samuel - Drums
Shangthon - Keyboards

Redolent is a Gospel Rock band from Tamenglong (Manipur), formed in July 2003. They have released 2 albums till date - 'Shine Your Light' (2003) and 'Infinite Horizon' (2007). Their songs 'As You Walk Away' and 'Free' were featured in the Great Eastern Rock - Volume II and Volume IV, respectively, produced by The North-east Today (TNT). 'Free' and 'Coming Home' were also featured in Rock Music Manipur Vol.I.

Album "Infinite Horizon" 2007 Track List :

1. Land of Your Heart  YouTube  
2. Coming Home  YouTube  
3. As You Walk Away  YouTube  
4. Be There For Me
5. Everywhere I Go  YouTube  
6. One Life
7. Fragrance of Your Love
8. Free
9. Picking Up The Pieces
10. Light of This World

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks


  1. would like to listen a good worship song from you all. All that you brothers had done are totally great.

  2. Thanks, Daichui! Redolent is on the verge of releasing the 3rd album this year. It's a progressive rock genre type. Heavy, metallic songs with a couple of rock ballads. Watch out for the ballad called Michelle, to be released through TNT's GER-V.

  3. wher cn i gt 8 Michelle... Plz

  4. Hiiiii... where can i get the lyrics of your songs ? I like all your compositions..


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