Obed Zeme

Band Members :
Obed Zeme - Guitars / Keyboards / Bass / Drums Programming
Other Members :
 Immanuel Sanate - Guitars / Bass
 Ashwini Verma - Drums / Keyboards
 Manish Babu - Keyboards
 Saurabh Suman - Bass
 Dainy Newmai - Bass
Andrew Lallawmzuala - Bass

Obed Zeme is a guitarist, songwriter, composer, arranger, producer and a teacher from Nagaland, presently based based in Delhi. Explosive and lyrical, he combines a skillful rock style with melodic soloing in his playing to create passionate music. As passionate music lover, he mastered the guitar among other instruments that he learnt. From his early teenage days he started performing at concerts and thereafter played with established names in the music scene in India. He is also the founding member of a Metal band 'Messiahnic Troopers'. He also teaches in numerous music schools and conducts guitar workshops. Also a certified Guitar Intsructor's trainer for Yamaha Music In India. He has composed music for many albums, promotional campaigns and also has done scores for TV serials and films. He has also done extensive commercial work for corporates like Samsung, Hyundai and others. Currently the project is a full-fledged band named "Obed Zeme And The Bombilateers".

Album "Canaan Caravan" 2013 Track List :

1. Shakina Glory
2. Still Waters
3. Canaan Caravan  Video  
4. Hook & Crook
5. Always Yours
6. Arrows By Night
7. It Is Well
8. Origami
9. Zion Song
10. The Other Side of The River
11. Rib of My Frame
12. A Cry For Peace
13. Pandora's Box
14. Amazing Grace

Single Track List :

1. King Bruce
2. New Day
3. Band Story
4. Oh Holy Night  Video 


  1. soo cool! Awesome musician.. (y). Respect! :)

  2. http://www.facebook.com/minam.tekseng?ref=tn_tnmn

  3. Hi folks the information on the band members given above is rather the list of recording artist rather than the current band line up. Thanks!

  4. Hi folks, the information about the band members above is rather the list of recording artist and not the current band line up. Thanks!


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