Band Members :
Aviral Bajpai - Guitars / Vocals
Prachi Gupta - Vocals
Abhishek Sharma - Guitars
Shubhanshu Goswami - Guitars
Karan Kalra - Drums
Vibhu Bhattacharya - Bass / Percussion
Rohtashva Gupta - Keyboards

Orantem is a Gothic Metal band from Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh), formed in 2010. They are Evanescence fans and thought that the Gothic Metal genre didn't have much to offer apart from Evanescence. Also the genre being Aviral's favorite playground as song writer helped. Their music is a portrayal of their deep love for the music they make and has helped them gather a lot of fans.

Single Track List :

1. Bleeding For You
2. Totem
3. Please Forgive Me
4. I'm With You
5. Pieces
6. Never Run Away
7. Not My Love
8. Mere Dil Ka Nishaan

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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