Band Members :
Ronit Chaterji - Vocals / Guitars
Arjun Nair - Vocals / Guitars
Neil Gomes - Guitars / Brass
Chaitanya Bhaidkar - Guitars / Vocals
Ajay Menon - Bass
Karun Kanampilly - Drums / Percussion

Rang is a Hindi Alternative Pop-Rock band from Mumbai, formed in November 2008. Rang is a Music Production House based out of Mumbai. They specialize in a variety of genres and are known to create a unique spectrum of sound. Based in Mumbai since late 2008, they have been churning out work for movies, jingles, short films, musical scores and live music. They are best known for their critically acclaimed work, interfused with some trademark re-arrangements of mainstream film songs. They produces and composes their own music entirely. Their package is comprised of music, lyrics and production for any scale or range of requirements. Rang's music attempts to bridge the gap between diverse genres of music. Their melodies represent the modern day music lovers interests melted with an Indian element, tapping into the pulse of both the urban crowd and the masses. Each member’s unique musical background lends to Rang's sound and creates a spectrum which connects to the heart of any fan of good music.

Single Track List :

1. Kafila
2. Dhun
3. Jaago
4. Jaan
5. Rang
6. Fateh  Video 

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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