Tajdar Junaid

Band Members :
Tajdar Junaid

Tajdar Junaid aka. Taj is a multi-instrumentalist / Songwriter / Composer / Producer from Kolkata. He is the founding member of Span and erstwhile rockers Cognac and is a current member of a folk  band Ruhaniyat. Simply, the music is brilliant and soothing. He has been a part of soundtracks for award winning films such as Memories in March, Autograph, Iti Mrinalini, Waiting City, Tubelight Ka Chand amongst others. Along with scoring music for theatre, dance, documentary, TV, Taj is also an active guitar instructor conducting workshops and classes. Past collaborations/performances include Blackstratblues, NZ songwriter Greg Johnson, electronica act Jalebee Cartel, folk singer Moushumi Bhowmik, Fred White from Acoustic Alchemy and Anusheh Anadil.

Album "What Colour Is Your Raindrop" 2013 Track List :

1. Though I Know  YouTube   
2. Aisle  YouTube   
3. Dastaan  YouTube 
4. Mockingbird ft.Greg Johnson  YouTube   
5. What Colour Is Your Raindrop  YouTube   
6. The First Year  YouTube   
7. Ekta Golpo ft.Anusheh Anadil, Satyaki
8.  Aamna  Video 
9. Prelude To Poland  YouTube   
10. Yadon Ki Pari ft.Junaid Ahmed


Single Track List :

1. Music For Cinema  Video 
2. The Return
3. Minor Whistle
4. Ruhaniyat  (Live)Video 

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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