Imli Imchen

Band Members :
Imli Imchen - Guitars / Vocals

Imli Imchen is a guitarist / singer-songwriter from Kohima (Nagaland), now located in Mumbai. He is best known for his finger-style guitar skills. He loves playing and listening to a whole variety of music and most dominantly influenced by Jazz, Blues, Fingerstyle, Progressive rock, Funk and many different forms of musical expression. His style of playing can be compared to his inspirations like Andy McKee, Don Ross, Preston Reed, etc. He also plays with his band 'Imli imchen & The Avatar' along with the members such as Jonathan Paris on Keyboards, Advait Praturi on Spoken Word / Rap (San Diego), Ivan Acuna on Trumpet (New Jersey), Ashwin Andrew on Drums (Delhi / Mumbai / Los Angeles), Viren Bakhru on Ukulele / Bass / Guitars, Dennis on Bass / Guitars (sitting), Jeremy Johnson as Artist / Illustrator, Jason Park as Cellist (New York / New Jersey), Clayton Hogermeer on Guitars / Harmonica (Singer song writer).

Album "First Fret Boarding" 2012 Track List :

1. Since That Day  (Andy McKee & Don Ross Tribute)  Video 
2. FretZilla's Invasion
3. Varamos  Video 
4. BFF Calling
5. Cultural Resonance
6. Kohima Night Sky (Andy McKee Tribute)
7. I Am Imliman (With Neil Gomes)
8. Fame of Yahweh
9. Tsito

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