Joi Barua

Band Members :
Joi Barua - Vocals
Pawan Rasaily - Guitars
Ibson Lal Baruah - Acoustic Guitars / Lyrics
Manash Chowdhary - Bass
Partho Goswami - Drums

Joi Barua is a singer, musician and lead vocalist of the band 'Joi'. He was born in Digboi (Assam) and is currently based in Mumbai. He has worked in a number of Indian films as a playback singer, vocal arranger and background singer. He was invited as a Fellow at the first INK Conference in 2010, a TED- affiliated multidisciplinary conference, and as an INK Speaker in 2011. He has a mixed musical style incorporating elements of rock, soul, jazz, folk and world music. Joi was awarded the Best Debut Award (2010) for his album "Joi - Looking Out of The Window" at the Big Asomiya Music Awards organized by Big 92.7 FM, Guwahati.

Album "Joi - Looking Out of The Window" 2010 Track List :

1. Kot
2. Aaikon Baaikon  Video 
3. Tumi Bhaabisa Ki
4. Uri Jaai
5. Tejimola (Feat. Lyton on Piano)
6. Dusoku Melute
7. Tumi  Video 
8. Doba Kobaai

Single Track List :

1. Welspun
2. I Don't Know (Feat. Silman Marak on Guitars)
3. Is Love Worth Waiting For
4. Faagun Aahe (Feat. Anindita Paul)
5. Gun Guni (Feat. Vaishali Samant)
6. I'd Like To Walk (Feat. Ibson Lal Baruah)
7. Khiriki  Video 
8. Pitol Soku  Video 

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