Eye 2 Eye

Band Members : 
Bobbymoore Marak - Vocals
Clevius Sangma - Guitars / Vocals
Gilbert - Bass
Damian - Drums / Vocals
Former Members : 
Bruno - Guitars / Vocals
Patrick - Drums

Eye 2 Eye is an Alternative Rock band from Tura, Meghalaya, formed in August 1997. The band was named eye2eye concept by vocalist Bobbymoore and hence unanimously accepted by all band members. Soon after the formation of the band debut life concert was organized by an NGO in Tura on the eve of Republic Day in the Tura District Auditorium, Tura West Garo Hills, Meghalaya. The band have released two full length albums titled "Seven Sisters" in the year 2006 and "Ripeng" meaning 'Friend' in the year 2008. 

Single Track List :

1. Victim of Love  YouTube
2. Wanna Bruns
3. Seven Sisters  YouTube
4. Chancinable
5. Wangala
6. Chanchinabe An Tangko  YouTube 
7. Ka Sachakbo
8. Re Baenga Cley
9. Be Tongjok Demian
10. Na.an Nitoa Cley
11. Silnikana  YouTube 
12. Mai Ongjok Sonade  YouTube 
13. Ripeng  YouTube 
14. Maiko Dakugen  YouTube 
15. Vision of My Past  Video 
 16. Itukchiba Nemnuka  YouTube 
17. Heros Death
 18. Namnikana  YouTube 
19. Misam  YouTube 
20. Sintee  YouTube 
21. Tameless Soul  YouTube 
22. Chanchi  YouTube 
23. Don't You

Click Here To Listen The Tracks


  1. They were amazing.

  2. Wow gasuade Eye2Eye Mostly I Like Seven sisters Albums Theme song


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