Ultimate Page

Band Members :
Reynold - Vocals
Wenrict - Vocals
William Rikki - Guitars
Don - Bass
Rupert - Keyboards
Anand - Drums

Ultimate Page is a Progressive Rock / Metal band from Tura (West Garo Hills, Meghalaya), formed in June 2011. The band came up with a new generation music to fill the hunger for new generation music of the youths of Garo Hills. The band has released their debut album on 27th November, 2009.

Album "Ultimate Project" 2009 Track List :

1. Mikjapsan Nangjama  YouTube 
2. A'chik Chadambe  YouTube 
3. Blowing Wind (Instrumental)  YouTube 
4. Na'an Dingtangatjok  YouTube 
5. Nangna Gre Nikan Gri  YouTube 
6. Sian Jagring  YouTube 
7. Ongjok Maian  YouTube 
8. Nikchanggija Nisiani  YouTube 
9. Kangal Ni'sa Anga  YouTube 

Single Track List :

1. Good Times


  1. Good songs keep it up...

  2. bro Ricky is undoubtedly one of the best guitarist among us Garos .. Despite their talents they are very humble.. no matter how good you are in music you won't get the treatment like how they treat rockstars in america so better to be humble if you are a musician .. and that's exactly what these guys are doing .. you all should check out their new song Stranger .. the solo part is very melodious :)


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