Band Members :
Nitin Rajan - Vocals [Ex.Morticide/Ex.Sledge]
Rajarshi Bhattacharyya - Guitars [Ex.Apollonian Quest/Hellwind]
Kiron Kumar - Guitars [Hellwind/Colossus]

Riju Dasgupta - Bass [Ex.Workshop/Albatross]
Pushkar Joshi - Drums [Ex.Blood Meridian/Winit Tikoo Band]

Primitiv is a Stone-Age Metal band from Mumbai, formed in 2013. The sound of the band is a vile blend of heavy, doom and death metal. It is an amalgamation of the varied collective influences of all the members.

Album "Immortal And Vile" 2016 Track List : [Not Yet Released]

1. Clash of The Gods
2. World War Zero
3. The Demon of Science
4. Lake Rancid
5. Taurus
6. Lords of Primitiv  YouTube 

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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