Band Members :
Satyabrata Kataky - Vocals
Vishnu - Guitars [Ex-Deathnote]
Sandeep - Bass [Ex-Negator]
Karthik - Drums [Ex-Human Plague]

Escharified is a Death Metal band from Hyderabad, formed in March 2013. The lyrical themes are War, Historical events from the Indian sub-continent and medieval tortures.

Album "Cesspit of Eschar" 2015 Track List : [Not Yet Released]

1. Mutually Assured Destruction
2. Decisive Victory
3. Diabolical Barbarity
4. Wrath of Brazen Bull
5. Jallianwala Massacre
6. Pile of Naked Carcasses
7. Hengdang'r Proloy
8. Cesspit of Eschar
9. Sacrificial Suicide (Deicide cover)
10. Outro

 Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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