Other Track List of B

Other Bands Track List :

Beyond Infinity - Kolkata [Heavy / Power Metal]
1. The Loneliness of Life
2. World Through My Eyes

Beyond The Barriers - Delhi [Alternative Rock]
1. Mindshare
2. Been So Long
3. Ode To Night
4. Delve In
5. Orion
6. Whats Going On
7. To Be Or Not To Be
8. Other Side
9. I Want To
10. Wake Me Up
11. Rodeos

Bidur And The Index Triangle - Gangtok, Sikkim [Folk / Fusion Rock]
1. Yo Sansar
2. Baachi Dew
3. Ekta
4. Katil Nazar
5. Aashyang
6. Timi Nai
7. Jyan Maili
8. Mohani

Bleeding Truth - Belgaum [Progressive Metal]
1. Breathe On Me   YouTube  
2. Angelic Ambush   YouTube 
3. Concecrate   YouTube  

Blind - Dimapur, Nagaland [Rock]
1. Blind   Download

Blood of The Lamb - Vellore [Metalcore / Death Metal]
1. Evil Song
2. Magnet Rain
3. Deadfingerape
4. Scream Behind My Window
5. O Captain! My Captain!

BloodRockz - Srinagar [Sufi Rock] 
1. Azaadi   YouTube 
2. Moula
3. Madna
4. Armaan

Bliss - [Hard Rock / Rock]
1. Carry Me Home
2. Coming Back
3. Butcher And The Surgeon

Blitzkrieg - Mumbai [Goth Rock]
1. Life   Download

Blood On My Beloved - Guwahati [Heavy Metal]
1. Searching For the Light   Download 

Blues No Bar - Mumbai [Experimental Blues / Rock]
1. Going Down
2. Chevrolet
3. Killing Floor
4. Funky Talk
5. Lonely People
6. Living In Sin
7. Marine Drive
8. Chisel And Hammer Blues
9. Horn OK Please

Bombang - Bangalore [Acoustic / Folk Rock]
1. Terminally III
2. Take Me
3. Lazy Summer Afternoon

Bone Broke - Mumbai [Garage Rock]
1. I've Got Something   Download 

Bracheon - Chennai [Christian / Gospel]
1. Why Calvary
2. Gone With Christ
3. Unfailing Grace
4. Moses
5. Will You?

Brain Dead Schizo - Delhi [Rock]
1. Little Green Devil   Download 

Brothers In Blue - Namchi, Sikkim [Blues]
1. Tipsy Blues brother
2. Tardy Tuesday Blues
3. The Payback

Bulletproof Peach - Hyderabad / Nairobi [Rock / Fusion / Blue]
1. Public Service Announcement
2. Pick Up Your Guitar
3. Touch Infinity
4. That Sunny Day
5. Midnight Aphrodite
6. Blueberry Trolls
7. The Great Dictator

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  1. AASIEF RESHI was born on April 14th. He was born in Islamabad , a part of Indian Occupied Kashmir province in India.
    AASIEF RESHI is a guy who knows what he wants! When it came to write his eagerly awaited first single, The Best Damn Thing, he had one very clear goal in mind: To make it fun.
    His Debut song ‘ALONE , LOVE & MAHIYA’ was produced by Kash Artists Online.
    AASIEF is the emerging pop/rock/rap sensation to hit the music circuit..
    Keeping in mind the charm of his talent , he sounds a promising upcoming artist.
    AASIEF is planning to take Underground Pop music to an ‘Experimental Level’.
    His musical quote is “Singing is by Soul…Create Your Beat and Hit The StreeT”.
    RESHI took pleasure in creating scenarios for his lyrics. The result is a collection of songs that reveal just how far he’s evolved as a lyricist and singer.
    The combination of his smooth vocal style, catchy pop rhythms and clean-cut has already got insiders touting to be one of the year’shottest new artists.
    His passion for muzik is unlimited and he looks for every single opportunity to perform his act.
    AASIEF was intensely involved in every aspect of his upcoming creation. Being fiercely dependent, while writing his own songs, he emphasizes — “I knew exactly how I wanted it to sound”.
    He worked hard to ensure that it would be his best record by obsessively going back and tweaking the tones and drumbeats in the studio.
    The Best Damn Thing is AASIEF RESHI at a new stage in his life; he isn't passed through the shadows of teen angst but is emerged in a spotlight,
    ready to have fun and rock out and yes, even dance!!
    He believes in originality as according to him thats the only key to successful muzik.
    Through his muzik, he is trying his levels to please all age groups, generations and countries.
    Thanks to all of you , for showing so much love and support….


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