Other Track List of G

Other Bands Track List :

G.O.D - Thrash Metal [Shimla]
1. Inslain   Download YouTube 

Gaibar Cafe - Kolkata [Progressive Rock]
1. Mon Bolchhe Onno Kotha   Download 

Garden of Imagination - Mumbai [Melodic Dark Spiritual / Romantic Doom Metal]
1. Caressed By The Nature   Download

Genesis of Pink - Pop-Rock [Gangtok, Sikkim)
1. Who Are You   Video 
2. Ka Bata   Video 

Glasnost - Delhi [Rock]
1. Wings   Download 
2. Ode To A Night   Download 

Good ol' Nicotine - Delhi [Alternative / Rock]
1. Rage In 8the   Download 
2. Fly Away   Download 
3.  Democratic Pickle
4. Attack of The Butt Aliens!
5. The Dance of King Nude
6. Lucious Lucy

Goreption - Mumbai [Metal]
1. Massacre At A Funeral   Download 

Gravity - Thane [Progressive]
1. Taandav
2. Hold On

Gray Matter - Darjeeling [New AgeFolk]
1. Moment of Beauty   Video
2. Bros In Arms ft.Pranay Thulung
Green Chutney - Mumbai [Funk Rock]
1. Bottle  Video 

Groove Garden - Bangalore [Alternative / Avant Rock]
1. Roadkill   Download 
2. Seven   Download 

Groove Lab - [Funk]
1. Manipal   Download 
2. Lost In A Mob   Download 

Guardians of Darkness - Kolkata [Metal]
1. Redeemed Memory
2. Nightmare
3. Her Nocturnal Mirage

Guunj - Pune [Hard Rock]
1. System Decay   Download  
2. Two Strings   Download  
3. Jiyo   Download  

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