Audio League

Band Members :
Kshem - Vocals / Guitars
Oswin - Guitars
Brain - Bass

Josh - Drums

Audio League is an Alternative / Grunge band from Hyderabad, formed in October 2005. The band was formerly known as 'History Makers', they changed their name to emphasize their ideology as they don’t make music to compete but they make it because they love doing it.

Single Track List :

1. Alive  YouTube 
2. Slippin Away  YouTube 
3. Neighbour  (Live)Video 
4. Believer
5. It's Alright  (Live)Video
6. Not Coming Back To You
7. Yaadein
8. Naa Pranam  YouTube 
9. We Live For Love  YouTube  
10. The Legacy  YouTube  

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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