Immoral Values

Band Members :
Rohan Daniel - Guitars
Aashish Bhatla - Guitars
Dushyant Chaudhary - Bass
Aditya Bali - Drums

Immoral Values is a Progressive Metal band from Delhi, formed in November 2010. The band started out as a solo-project of Rohan Daniel in order to create controversial music which has never been into the ears of a listener. A highly criticized music which is not technical with competency to not being lame. Challenges to be faced by every music created this band is doing the best they can at improving and showing potential to the crowd. Being able to unlearn and learn again, going back to the roots, learning time and value, creating immorality for a purpose that is moral.

EP "Pixels" 2014 Track List :

1. Pixels
2. Deduction
3. Heartburn
4. Kevorkian
5. In Death And Sickness
6. Impetus

Album "Default" 2014 Track List :

1. Yeh Karke Dikhao
2. Go Live Your Life
3. Jaggarnath
4. Human ERROR
6. We Are Low On Numbers
7. Fatamorgana

Single Track List :

1. Nothing Less Than More
2. So What Do You Think?
3. Negligence
4. Ephemeral
5. A Mark I Look For (A MILF)
6. Aelfwine  Mp3 Download

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