Band Members :
Imtisanen Jamir – Vocals
Arenlong longkumer – Guitars
Arenlong Jamir – Guitars
Yimkummeren Imsong – Bass
Shilumeren Jamir - Drums

Infuse is a Contemporary Indie Rock band from Mokokchung (Nagaland), formed in December 2012. The name 'Infuse' meaning bringing together individual (members) musical potential and ideas and combining them to define the bands personality as a whole. From their songs and tunes they wish to aspire to reach out to the people by way of combining different modern rock music and lyrically emphasizing on the need to be strong and spontaneous while overcoming the hardships of life. Thus with the motive they are venturing forward with the aim to conquer the hearts of all.

Single Track List :

1. Let Truth Prevail
2. Deception
3. On The Edge

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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