Band Members :
Akshat Ghildiyal - Guitars / Drums / Mixing & Mastering / Production
Vinay Joshi - Vocals / Guitars / Composer

Insurgent (formerly known as 'Nine Degrees To North') is a Thrash Metal project from Dehradun, formed in February 2013. Currently the band is working on their debut full-length album titled "Warlord Resurrection".

EP "From Heaven To Grave" 2014 Track List :

1. Weapons of Mass Destruction
2. Pull The Knife
3. War Cry (Kill or Die)
4. Die In Vain

Listen The Album

Single Track List :

1. Trials of Extinction
2. Warlord Resurrection
3. Wreaking Havouc
4. Terror Land  YouTube  
5. Corrosion

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