A Mutual Question

Band Members :
Proteesh Ravi - Vocals / Guitars / Producer
Siddharth Chopra - Guitars / Composer / Producer
Karan Kumar - Bass
Aviraj Kumar - Drums

A Mutual Question is a Post-Rock band from Pune, formed in September 2013. The band intended to be more than just an aural perception, but a captivating audio/visual experience. As individuals with varied artistic influences, they believe that different musicians can be seen as colors on a palette. Their music embodies a painting of different strokes, that culminates in a textured and vibrant outcome. This leads them to believe that the collaboration of diversity is not as far fetched an idea as one would presume.

EP "Eyes Everywhere" 2013 Track List :

1. Stargaze
2. Awakener
3. Who Are We?
4. Farm Furls
5. Hilltropic
6. In Natural Order of Things
7. Wheel of Life

Single Track List :

1. Opening Hour

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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