Enchantation - Arunachal Folk Music Experiment

Enchantation - Arunachal Folk Music Experiment is a compilation album released on February 2014.  It is the pet project of Dr. Hatobin Mai and his Trust ‘Living Dreams’. It is the first step in making the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Arunachal Pradesh accessible to the contemporary global palate. The album features the music of six of the tribes in Arunachal interpreted by composer Sankarshan Kini and Donn Bhatt. The six song experiment explores idioms of Blues, Jazz, RnB, African, Chinese and Indian music juxtaposed with the tribal singers’ stark vocal chants.

Track List:

1. Chole (Nocte Tribe)
2. Nyem Nanam (Nyishi Tribe)
3. Mandal Bulwa (Monpa Tribe)
4. Boyitaki Omengo (Galo Tribe)
5. Tanko Nyone (Adi Tribe)
6. Laiung (Wancho Tribe)

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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