Frisky Pints

Band Members :
Joseph Dinji - Vocals / Guitars
Anggu Pachuau - Guitars / Vocals
Danny Dakta - Bass / Vocals
Valentino Khiangte - Drums

Frisky Pints is an Indie Pop Rock band from Delhi (originally from Mizoram) , formed in September 2010 by Joseph and Danny. Armed with a dream of making a band and sharing their love of music with the rest of the world, they returned to India to meet up with friends and now fellow band mates Anggu and Valentino and hence officially started Frisky pints. The name ‘Frisky Pints’ comes from their love of having fun together and their love for their drinks. The band members originally hail from Mizoram, but currently consider New Delhi their home.

Single Track List :

1. Priced Gold Medal Girl
2. Frisky Song
3. Thinking About You
4. Not For You
5. Vain  Mp3 Download 
6. Aye I Owe You

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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