Rewben Mashangva

Rewben Mashangva also Guru Rewben Mashangva (born June 21, 1961) is a folk singer, musician and composer from the small village of Choithar in the Ukhrul district of Manipur. He is the principal exponent of 'Hao Music'. He has not only rediscovered and reinvented the variegated rich folk traditions of the Tangkhuls but also refashioned tribal musical instruments to suit the Western tonal scale. Rewben is also credited for the amplification and customizing of the Tingtelia, a fiddle like traditional stringed instrument. Rewben experimented for almost a decade with the original Tingtelia so as to enable him to create a distinct sound that goes harmoniously smooth with the modern acoustic and electric guitar and harmonica. The other instruments which accompany his 'Hao Music' include Yankahui, a long bamboo flute, and a yak horn played with a mallet apart from an assortment of modern and traditional percussion. He is known for reviving musical tradition of the  Tangkhul Naga of Manipur, and use of traditional musical instruments in his songs. Influenced by musicians like Bob Dylan and Bob Marley, Rewben Mashangva has created many Naga tribal folk songs based on blues and ballad rhythms. He is known by different names like 'Bob Dylan of The Nagas', 'King of Naga Folk Blues', 'Father of Naga Folk Blues'. He have received the National Tribal Award 2011-12, for his contribution to the development of tribal music from the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India. In his traditional 'Haokuirat' hairstyle and western boots along with his son Saka, he performs across India and South - east Asia spreading the message that some songs have no end. A documentary movie titled 'Songs of Mashangva' is been released in 2012 which has won many awards in the nation and international. The track 'Chonkhon Philawa' is been featured in a compilation album Great Indian Rock Vol.IV and 'Philava' & 'Ishola' in Rock Music Manipur Vol.I. He is been featured in a The Dewarists Season I along with Raghu Dixit.

Album "Tantivy" 1999 Track List :

1. Deep Red Burning Sky
2. My Land And People Ft.Baby Alvina Gonson

Write me if anyone knows the track list

Album "Naga Folk Blues" Track List :

Write me if anyone knows the track list

Album "Creation" 2007 Track List :

1. Nathemsak
2. Kahaothei
3. Keo Keo
4. Matha-Ngasaksa
5. Kaphung Kapha
6. Raipheichak
7. Ngasam Kuiga
8. Chongkhom Philava  Mp3 Download Video 
9. Shairengwon
10. Iwui Shim
11. Ishola
12. Ngayin Khavai Pamna
13. Thakmeida Zatlo

Album "Our Story" 2012Track List :

1. Hope Pee
2. Winning Peace Together
3. Our Story
4. Step Forward All Together
5. My Footstep
6. Oh Asangla
7. No More Killings
8. Trust Yourself
9. Song of The Hornbill
10. Baby Boom Boom
11. Tears Rolling Down
12. Lets Beautify
13. Green Green Home  Mp3 Download 
14. Mama

Single Track List :

1. Ngalanao Wui Khaisang
2. Ngahuirot Haoki Kachi Thakho  YouTube 
3. Kahaothei
4. Nonglei (Imphal Talkies)  Mp3 Download 
5. Philava (Princess of The Mountain)

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