The Infernal Diatribe

Band Members :
Forbannet Sjel - Vocals
Svart Hjerte - Guitars
Eldgammel I Helvete - Guitars
Oppfatning Av Svart Sjel - Bass
Prakash Paul - Drums

The Infernal Diatribe is a Black Metal band from Kolkata, formed in June 2011 under the name 'Aghori'. Aghori was a three man line up, at that time they did First Wave Black Metal. In 2013, they changed their line up and started as 'The Infernal Diatribe'

EP "Videha Mukti" 2015 Track List : [Not Yet Released]

:Track list not yet revealed:

Single Track List :

1. Lifeless Body, Soulless Mind
2. Wisdom  YouTube

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