Oren Mozhui

Band Member :
Oren Mozhui - Vocals / Guiatars / Songwriter / Producer / Music Teacher

Oren Mozhui is a multi-talented solo artist from Yanmon Village, Kohima. He is also popularly known as 'the most romantic Naga singer', is famous for his unique vocal style, passionate lyrics, distinctive composition and unconventional chords progressions and has earned a niche for his work in acoustic genre. His debut album 'Obsession' is labeled as the first English ballad album from North-East India. He describe himself as a 'balladeer', he said there are a lot of love messages in his songs, he is hopeful that his songs will find favour with the music lovers and inspire them to seriously take up music as a full time professsion. He had organized several solo concerts and had performed in many important events.

Album "Obsession" 2009 Track List :

1. Angelic  Video 
2. I Ain't Seen Like You
3. Obsession
4. Lead The Way
5. Naughty
6. Raven Haired Beauty  Video

Album "Unstoppable Master" 2011 Track List :

1. Snazzy Lass  Video 
2. Dolly Bird
3. Ugly things
4. What We Have Become?

Album "Oren Mozhui Collection" 2013 Track List :

Album "For A Naga Lady" 2014 track List :

1. Loroeyo, A Lotha Song (for a Lotha Women)
2. Loving You Brings Me To Life
3. Ilokue (Sumi Version)
4. Be My Wife
5. Oh Carol
6. Queen of Beauties

Single Track List :

1. I Got My Love On You
2. Love Is Sharing (A Song Dedicated To Orphans)
3. I Am A Fool To Love You
4. I Wanna Marry You  Video 
5. Love Is Gone
6. Naughty
7. Lead The Way
8. Imperfect
9. Loroeyo
10. Be My Wife

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Note: The full tracklist of the albums are unknown. Please write me if anyone knows it.

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