Disfiguring The Diseased

Band Members :
Prithiv Chandar - Vocals
Ronakh Prakash - Guitars
Vyas 'Hex' Manalan - Bass
Kevin Jenkins - Drum Programming (USA)

Disfiguring The Diseased is a Slamming Brutal Death Metal band from Chennai (Tamil Nadu), formed in 2014. The band consist of members from both Indian and USA. The band is working on their 5 way split album which will be released through 'Morbid Generation Records' (Germany) along with CUFF (Canada), Macropsia (India), Splattered Entrails (USA) and Embryonic Devourment (USA). Another 3 way split album titled "Decomposed Human Remains" will be released soon along with Gangrenous Genitals (India) and Radang Kelamin (Indonesia).

Single Track List :

1. Torture Slaughter Molest ft.Nicola Delvais
2. Kings of Slam (Tribute To Slam Legend 'Kraanium')
3. Premature Burial
4. Embalming The Slaughtered Remains
5. Stench of Burning Flesh

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