Five Ways To Destroy A Cadaver

Track List:

1. Cumfart Satisfaction (Pampa, Texas) - Removing The Uterus With My Fist ft. Sci Phy
2. Cumfart Satisfaction (Pampa, Texas) - Killing, Raping, Eating
3. Cumfart Satisfaction (Pampa, Texas) - Rape Whistle
4. Cumfart Satisfaction (Pampa, Texas) - Gaping Cunt ft. Talking Walnut
5. Wakk Thuu (Nepal) - Abolish The DMC
6. Wakk Thuu (Nepal) - Ja Mar Kukur
7. Wakk Thuu (Nepal) - Namrata Shrestha
8. Wakk Thuu (Nepal) - Political Potrait Of Nepal 2
9. Numbered With The Transgressors (Murfreeboro, USA) - Commencing The Mechanics Of Disme
10. Numbered With The Transgressors (Murfreeboro, USA) - Murderous Initiation
11. Numbered With The Transgressors (Murfreeboro, USA) - On The Autopsy Table
12. Numbered With The Transgressors (Murfreeboro, USA) - Beneath The Shovel Load
13. Kill The Whore (Belize, USA) - First Stage of Decomposition
14. Kill The Whore (Belize, USA) - Gorefarm
15. Kill The Whore (Belize, USA) - Necrophagy After Necropsy
16. Kill The Whore (Belize, USA) - Orgasm Through Surgery
17. Coprogasm - Milf Caught Redhanded While Having Sex With Neighbor
18. Coprogasm - Santa Presents Me A Whore

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