Mutilative Perspective

Track List:

1. One Day In Fukushima (Italy) - Sawney's Eye
2. One Day In Fukushima (Italy) - Stench of Rotten
3. Coprogasm - Hot Chick Losses Verginity With An Escort Monkey

4. Coprogasm - Piggy Gangbang At Parkinglot
5. Postmortem Fetal Extrusion - Angel of Sex
6. Postmortem Fetal Extrusion - Postmortem Fetal Extrusion
7. Chainsaw Castration (UK) - Blunt Force Trauma Ft.Lennon O'Donnell (Decimated Humans)
8. Chainsaw Castration (UK) - The Palpitation of Every Artery Ft.Calum Forrest (Operation Cunt Destroyer)
9. Malformed Clitoral Syndrome - Bondage Torture For Recreation Ft.Desi Woods of Necrofuckphilia)

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