Bipul Chettri

Band Members :
Bipul Chettri - Vocals / Guitars
Guest Members :
Pranai Gurung - Guitars
Rahul Rai - Bass
Reuben Narain - Drums / Percussion
Prabir Sekhri - Keyboards

Bipul Chettri is a Folk-Rock artist from Kalimpong (West Bengal). Bipul is a singer / songwriter, who currently heads the Art Department at the Vasant Valley School in New Delhi, India. He released his debut EP titled "Sketches of Darjeeling" on July 2014. The album is a collection of songs inspired by life around the hills of Darjeeling, a small town that sits on the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas. Harmonically blending Nepali folk music with contemporary western musical elements, the songs have the rare quality of touching the pahari heart and transporting the listener to the land where the songs were born.

EP "Sketches of Darjeeling" 2014 Track List :

1. Mountain High  Mp3 Download YouTube  
2. Wildfire (Dadhelo)  YouTube 
3. Asaar  YouTube  
4. Deorali Darah
5. Ram Sailee - Ode To My Father
6. Rail Garee

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Single Track List :

1. Syndicate  Buy

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