Amogh Symphony

Band Members :
Vishal J.Singh - Guitars / Programming / Synth / Electric Piano
Andrey Sazonov - Keyboards / Piano / Synth / Saxophone / Harmonica / Violin / Guitars
Jim Richman - Drums / Percussion
Shankar Das - Trumpet
Kasturi Singh - Vocals (Traditional Assamese, Opera and Classical)
Youri Raymond - Baritone Vocals (Meditation Chants)
Goregaon Detuned Brass Orchestra
Nikhil Nandakumar - Carnatic Violin
Guest instrumentalist/bassist :
Manas Chowdhary - Fretless Bass (Guest Instrumentalist / Bassist)

Amogh Symphony is a Progressive music project started by multi-instrumentalist / producer Vishal J.Singh from India, later joined by Drummer / audio engineer Jim Richman from USA and multi-instrumentalist / producer Andrey Sazonov from Russia. Amogh Symphony was founded as an experimental project in 2004. The EP 'Ashwamedh' was released in 2005 and was distributed in limited copies for reviews. The EP was recognized for influences in its unique progressive metal sound, ranging from eastern music to jazz, and gathered a positive reception from listeners and reviewers. Within 4 years of existence of this project and mayhem in the underground circuit of Asian metal, it inspired a whole new generation of Experimental / Metal bands not just in his country India but across the globe. Reports and evidences clearly indicates that Amogh Symphony is one of the pioneer of the new generation of Progressive music movement in India. 'Abolishing the Obsolete System', their first full-length album, was released in April 2009. Soon after 5 months of this album's release, Jim Richman joined Amogh Symphony as permanent drummer. Their second album, 'The Quantum Hack Code', was released in 2010, receiving positive attention from critics and non-professional listeners alike. For many critics and reviewers, this album was one of the top progressive metal releases of the year 2010 and 2011 as well with its unique trademark sound of technical metal.

EP 'Ashwamedh' 2005 Track List :
1. Mother Of Seven Oceans
2. Kshatriya Abhimanyu
3. Ambarisha

Album 'Abolishing The Obsolete System' 2009 Track List :

1. Cyborg Activation YouTube  
2. Greenhouse Effect YouTube 
3. Abolishing the Obsolete System YouTube 
4. Phase Cancelled YouTube 
5. Post-War Symphony YouTube 
6. Swallowing the Infected Sun YouTube 
7. Opus After Genocide YouTube  

Album 'The Quantum Hack Code' 2010 Track List :

1. Intro - The Fall of World Defence System  YouTube 
2. Dvorzhetskii's Prophecy
3. Osiris 1  YouTube 
4. The Quantum Barrier Code By Mainframe
5. Polymorphic Infection  YouTube 
6. X-Karna : Activated  YouTube 
7. The Nullification Method : ONI VS. Proteus  YouTube 
8. Decoded : Karnosiris  YouTube 
9. The Collapse of Q-Web and Osiris 1  YouTube 

Album "Abolishing The Obsolete System - Platinum Edition" 2012 Track List :

1.Opus After Genocide
2. Cyborg Activation
3. Greenhouse Effect
4. Abolishing The Obsolete System
5. Phase Canceled
6. Swallowing The Infected Sun
7. Post War Symphony
8. The Prophecy
9. Osiris 1
10. Polymorphic Infection
11. Quantum Barrier Code
12. Nullification Method
13. Collapse of The Q-Web
14. X-Karna
15. Karnosiris

Other Project LVM Trio Album "LVM Trio" 2012 Track List :

1. Lesbian Vampire Magic
2. Bearded Lady Dance
3. Chicken Walk
4. Valkenvani Blues (ft. Jake Linder On Piano)
5. Holy Foam Rubber
6. In The Air
7. Soltando Seseo

Album "Vectorscan" 2014 Track List :

1. Desolate
2. Junaki, Osinaki. Dhumoha, Saki
3. Consume Ectoplasm Before It Runs, Resume Chakras Because It Burns
4. Bliss of The Weak, Strength To The Peak, Teach For Humble, Soil Will Rumble
5. We Are Here, They Are Here, Sector of Nectar, Feeding Vector
6. 1289, Voyeur Will Shine, Fight For distinction, Evolution Is Mine
7. Osir
8. Mayamohey Bhora, Aey Dhorat
9. Tongue of Fire, Burning Wings, Torment Dormant, Breaking Black Rings/Karna From 12 a.m. Till Sunset
10. Weather Report, Shortening of Days, Change Their Minds, Clash of Rays
11. Maatir Manuh Ami, Maatirey Jibon, Matirey Gao Joyogaan
12. Onamika

Album "Tumake Xuori" 2015 Track List :
[Vishal J.Singh & Kasturi Nath Singh]

1. Savera – Feat. Andrey Sazonov
2. Jodi Olop Morome Mur
3. Hurere Tumaloi Disilu Sotiyaye
4. Xerua Xubakh – A Tribute To Late Jayanta Hazarika
5. Tumi Nubuja, Tumi To Najana – Feat. Andrey Sazonov
6. Jodi Mur Bhal Lage
7. Pokhi Toi Tuponi Ja

Single Track List :

 1. Concrete of Lies  Mp3 Download
2. Soltando Deseo
3. Winter
4. Valkenvania Blues
5. Vectorscan  YouTube 
6. The Story of Two Brothers  YouTube 
7. Juicy Lucy Funky Foo  YouTube 
8. Earth Recycle
9. From Dublin To Mumbai
10. One Morning ft.Vijay Xavier  Mp3 Download  

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