The Koi

Band Members :
Rishikesh Thangjam - Vocals / Songwriter
Ton Arambam - Guitars / Backing Vocals
Kamlesh Khundrakpam - Guitars / Percussion
Sumit Lukram - Guitars
Huirem Kumarjit - Guitars / Keyboards

The Koi is an Alternative / Folk band from Manipur, formed in 2012. Koi, literally meaning ‘beard’ in Manipuri, is a signifier they have chosen to represent the essence of their music - instinctive, raw and blithe. Their performance is commended as a very original blend of native and western musical influences by many among the audience comprising of an assorted demographic of music lovers of the region.

Album "Episode I" 2015 Track List :

1. Naoshum Eshei
2. Chatlushi Turel Mapal Da
3. Tamgi Chekla Keidano Pairiba
4. Bidai Touri Eina Nangbu
5. Loktak Pat Ki Hi Honba
6. Dead Chief
7. Rusted Love
8. Ivory Tower
9. Freedom Song
10. Loktak Pat Ki Hi Honba (feat.Mangka Mayanglangbam)

Single Track List :

1. Paiminashi Loinana
2. Chiklaba Ahing
3. Malangbagi Ethilda Satcharibi Kombirei
4. Tambi Chekla Keidano Pairiba
5. Chokthara Wakhail Fijang Da
6. Wakhal Dolai

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