Cadaver Ingestion

Band Members :
Cristian Allin - Vocals / Guitars / Drums

Cadaver Ingestion is a Goregrind / Gorenoise band from Delhi, formed in 2011.

Demo "Cadaver Ingestion" 2015 Track List :

1. Genital Warts
2. Gore Porn
3. Ingesting Infested Infant Cadaver
4. Monument of Faeces
5. Smegma Gurgle

Single Track List :

1. BellaDonna  YouTube 
2. Satanic Ritual Abuse  YouTube 
3. Severe Rectal Torture Post Orgasm Including Anilingus  YouTube 
4. Preety As She Cums  YouTube  
5. Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs  YouTube  
6. Teletubbies Rape Camp  YouTube  
7. Desomorphine  YouTube  
8. Murder Is The Answer
9. Eat Shit

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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