Skylight Vision

Band Members :
Gaurav Tophakhane - Vocals
Aniket Ganoo - Vocals / Guitars
Bhushan Chitnis - Guitars
Saurabh Kalokhe - Bass
Shaunak Kulkarni - Keyboards
Pranav Wankhedkar - Drums

Skylight Vision is a Progressive Rock band from Pune, formed in early 2014. The band was initiated by Aniket, Bhushan and Gaurav. Aniket had composed a couple of songs few years back as a creative outlet and when realized the potential, started 'Skylight Vision' with Gaurav and Bhushan

EP "Skylight Vision" 2014 Track List :

1. Ember
2. Notional Freedom
3. Discolor
4. Aadat Si

Single Track List :

1. Reverse Gravity of A Dying Star

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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