Symphonic Eternity

Band Members :
Rohan Raveesh - Vocals / Guitars / Songwriter
Anish Mukund - Guitars
Vijay Ganesan - Bass
Anagh Nayak - Drums

Symphonic Eternity is a Metal band from Bangalore, formed in April 2014 under the name 'Metal Dragons' later they changed to 'Diffusion'. The band comprises students of Octavium’s Music Academy. Their music is Progressive Rock / Metal and they compose and play their own songs, with the occasional cover for their sound checks during live performances. They started taking their music seriously as a band and Vijay joined them in February 2015. The band has performed at NLSU’s Strawberry Fields, IIT Chennai’s ‘Saarang’, IIM Bangalore’s Unmaad, Vodafone’s Bangalore Bicycling Marathon 2015, Bangalore Central's 'Battle of Bands' and a few other gigs.

EP "Diffusion" 2015 Track List :

1. Tricks
2. Bicycle
3. Dimonoes
4. Hidden Shadow

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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