Susmit Bose

Susmit Bose is a singer-songwriter who has performed in India and abroad through the 70s and 80s as an urban folk musician, writing and singing songs on urban India, its social issues and changing trends. He is often referred or known as the 'Indian Bob Dylan'. He has a special gift of singing about what he believes in and echoes the expressions of the common Indian. His songs are the very root of a new change that is beginning to dawn on young India in the new millennium. He is an experienced film maker, Susmit Bose has produced several TV serials, documentaries and corporate films. His songs often deal with social issues, human rights, global peace and non violence. 

Album "Winter Baby" 1973 Track List :

:Track list not known:

Album "Train To Calcutta" 1978 Track List :

1. Winter Baby
2. Memory Lane
3. Changes  Stream 
4. Oh! India
5. Train To Calcutta
6. Viva La Quinte Brigada
1. Street Soliloquy
2. If I Had A Chance
3. Kathmandu
4. Love Song
5. Hitch-Hikers Song
6. Rain Child
7. Baul

Album "Man of Conscience" 1990 Track List :

1. Do You Hear The Children  YouTube 

:Track list not known:

Album "Public Issue" 2006 Track List :

1. Certain Thought
2. Walking Talking Contradictions
3. Friend of A Friend of A friend
4. Who's To Be Blamed...?  YouTube 
5.  Talking Life At A Cocktail Party
6. It's Late Afternoon
7. Fire
8. Hey Bob Dylan
9. The Red Ribbon Express
10. The River of Lies
11. Public Issue
12. Pain In Their Smile
13. The TV Special
14. Nirakaar Noire Bhajon

Album "Be The Change" 2007 Track List :

1. Be The Change
2. Time For A Change
3. Dear Sir
4. One Too Many
5.Money Talks And Cash Yaps
6. Capital Express
7. Wipe Out The Jargon
8. With Some Rhyme and Reason
9. Flower In The Rain
10. Tiger And The Blackbuck
11. Bang
12. The Economic Hit Man
13. Vaishnava Junto

Album "Song of The Eternal Universe" 2008 Track List :

1. Oh This Eternal Universe
2. Oh! Wisdom
3. Gods of Clay
4. Dance of Joy
5. Goodness of Heart
6. Song For the Tree
7. Oh! The Mindless One

Album "Essentially Susmit Bose" 2009 Track List :

1. All Rise  YouTube 
2. Sons of The Soil
3. They Marched To Ayodhya
4. Like I Said
5. The Wild Party
6. All Mixed Up
7. Cafe Life Style
8. Death of The Unborn Girl Child
9. For The Times
10. Dr. Binayak Sen
11. Where The Mind Is Without Fear
12. Thank You
13. Stand Up

Album "Rock 4 Life" 2010 Track List :

:Track list not yet known:

Album "Song of Dharma - The Story of Mahabharata" 2012 Track List :

:Track list not yet known:

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