Band Members :
Rajeev Talwar - Vocals
Warren Mendonsa - Guitars
Siddharth Coutto - Drums / Backing Vocals
Girish 'Bobby' Talwar - Bass / Backing Vocals

Zero is an Alternative Rock band from Mumbai, formed in 1998 and split up on 2008. They are widely regarded as one of the best bands on the Indian rock music circuit. Mood Indigo at IIT Bombay would be a red-letter day for a bunch of musicians who, apparently, didn’t hold themselves in too high an esteem. So they decided to form a band called Zero and performed at Mumbai’s premier rock campus festival. And true to paradox, went on to become one of the most popular live acts in Mumbai. They still do not see music as a profession. Rajeev, the vocalist, works in a healthcare firm. Warren, the guitarist, is a sound engineer. Siddharth, their drummer, is a producer with a radio station, and the bassist Girish is a law student. It has not been a very smooth ride for the guys, though. They went through a break up because they had no time to give the band. Fortunately, time ceased to be a concern a short while later and they reformed afterward. At Independence Rock XXIII on 30th August 2008, Zero performed as the closing act and made the announcement that that would be their last performance as a band, purportedly because Rajeev must leave the country for important work of his own. Their departure was met with heartfelt goodbyes. Zero were arguably the biggest supporters of original music. In a scene replete with front rows shouting for covers of everything from Metallica to Slayer, one can only imagine the problems a band trying to play their own songs would have to face. But says Warren, “The front rows don’t get it at first, but they’re cheering at the end of the song. Even as far as the covers go, we do our own take on them. We never cover a song like it is on record.” And in their effort to promote their music, they made a rough demo that sold out its initial run. They might be going in for an album scale release later in the year, as soon as they can get 30 originals in the bag! Their take on the Indian music market is rather pragmatic. They say that as long as people will buy music, other people will make music. Its more a question of demand and supply than anything else. They would like to see some more honest music…some live instruments rather than produced and manufactured stuff.

Album 'Albummed' 2000 Track List :

1. Not My Kind of Girl  YouTube 
2. Found
3. Mama's Calling
4. Dear Jesus 
5. Lucy  YouTube
6. Christmas In July  YouTube 
7. All I Lost
8. Her
9. Old Man
10. Lost  YouTube 
11. Down And Out
12. Not Yet
13. Not My Kind of Girl (Reprise)  YouTube  

Album 'Hook' 2002 Track List :

1. Not My Kind of Girl  YouTube 
2. Lost  YouTube 
3. Spitleaf  YouTube 
4. PSP 12  YouTube
5. Christmas In July  YouTube 
6. Lucy  YouTube
7. Lijo  YouTube
8. Not My Kind of Girl (Reprise)  YouTube 

Album 'Procrastination' 2005 Track List :

1. PSP 12  YouTube 
2. Cry  YouTube 
3. Old Man Sitting On The Back Porch  YouTube 
4. I Ain't Satisfied  YouTube 
5. Ayaya  YouTube 
6. Mariachi  YouTube 
7. The Everyday Love Song  YouTube 
8. Hate In E Minor  YouTube 
9. Her  YouTube 
10. Stop  YouTube 
11. Lullabye  YouTube 
12. No More Mistook  YouTube 

Single Track List :

1. Wish  Mp3 Download 


  1. can i get the tabs for everyday love song???? i ve been searching all over the internet.. ..

  2. We need ZERO back in the scene


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