Band Members :
Vigneshkumar Venkatraman - Guitars / Vocals [Albatross]
Ashwin Kulkarni - Guitars [Vajra]
Anshuman Bhattacharya - Bass / Backing Vocals
Pritesh Prabhune - Drums [Chronic Phobia]

Orion is a Progressive Death Metal band from Mumbai, formed in 2008. Orion was a giant huntsman of Greek mythology whom Zeus placed among the stars as the constellation of Orion.  Homer, however, mentions Orion, the Hunter, and Orion, the constellation, but never confuses the two, thereby implying the dichotomy between myth and nomenclatural conventions. Orion for us is the pursuit of the unexpected and the unexperienced with the will and might of that mythical hunter. Their music is a relentless whiplash of sonic fury comprising, often enough, of unusual melodic motifs and irregular and off-time signatures coupled with articulate and pithy lyrics voiced in the low, guttural, rumbling annunciations that they associate with good death metal. Though, the overall feel of their music is more reminiscent of jazz and progressive metal. They seek to bind the vagaries of intricate melodies with vexatious, diabolic rhythm in a blissful wedlock of a perfect aural orgy.

Demo 'Reverie Hours' 2010 Track List :

1. Devoured Existence
2. My Dying Prayer
3. Oh Sweet Ebullition

EP "On The Banks of Rubicon" 2012 Track List :

1. Oh Sweet Ebullition  Mp3 Download 
2. Devoured Existence
3. Astral Emboddiment
4. My Dying Prayer  YouTube 

Single Track List :

1. As Autumn Creeps On
2. The Doomed House of Atreus
3. Dawn of Faggotry  Mp3 Download 

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