Sinister Violence


 Band Members :
Gyaltzen Yonzon - Vocals
Karan Thapa - Guitars
Wangden Lepcha - Bass
Anil Pradhan - Keyboards 
Thupden Bhutia - Drums

Sinister Violence is a Blackened Death Metal band from Darjeeling, formed in late 2008. The music is pretty fresh which deviates from other existing bands in the scene. Sinister Violence believes in extreme riffing as its genre is progressive melodic death metal and also believes that each member has a talent of his own and the band is incomplete without any one if its member. Sinister Violence plays a unique blend of Progressive Metal with an enormous level of brutality and melody involved with a slight essence of Black Metal and brutal gore. The music of Sinister Violence cannot be categorized as it is a totally new step towards extreme metal music. Sinister Violence cannot define them as a particular genre as the they have a very much different kind of music.

Album "Diabolical Wrath Ov Violence" Track List : [Not Yet Released]

1. Lordess Ov Destruction  Mp3 Download 
2. Armageddon Apocalypse  YouTube  
3. Werewolf  Video  
4. Portrait of Death
5. Infernal Wrath of Necrophagic Stigmata
6. Kingdom Ov Blood And Fire
7. Venom Unleashed
8. Funeral In Darkness

Single Track List :

1. Suicidal Tendency  YouTube 
2. Sacrificial Goat
3. Entrance
4. I.G.N.O.T.G  YouTube  

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