Verandah SMoK

Band Members :
Deepak Mani - Keyboards
Mudit Yadav - Rhythm Guitars
Kshitij Sahney - Lead Guitars / Vocals

Verandah Smok is an Alternative band from Delhi. It all started out when three neighborhood friends randomly jamming in a verandah and turned out to be something much more than that. Their music bordering on the lines of Alternative and Fusion rock is fused with lyrics relating to and inspired from experiences of the trio as a whole and of course as individuals. With a refreshing and fearless line-up, the band concocts a heady mix of versatile music and soul-stirring lyrics. With Deepak Mani on keys adding a signature Verandah Smok texture to the song, Mudit Yadav on Guitars bringing his lyrical genius to life and Kshitij Sahney creating a vivid romance between his vocals and melodic guitaring, the band seeks to create a technically rich sound!

Single Track List :

1. Iss Pal Mein  Download: Mp3 YouTube  

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