Feathers of Jatinga

Band Members :
Vedant Kaushik - Vocals / Lyrics
Vishal J. Singh - Backing Vocals / Guitars / Keyboard / Piano / Bass / Drum Programming

Feathers of Jatinga is a Doom / Alternative / Ambient project from Duliajan (Assam), formed in July 2010 by Vedant Kaushik (Former Vocalist of 'IIIrd Sovereign' and current of 'Shades of Retribution') and Vishal J. Singh (Amogh Symphony, Acrophase, Robots Pulling Levers). The name 'Feathers of Jatinga' is derived from Jatinga, a small village in North Cachar Hills (Assam, India). The place is famous for the mass suicide of migratory birds in between October to January. These birds come out at night and straightaway hit the various lights being lit in the village. The reason is still unknown and many researchers or scientists have failed to answer the same. The idea of the project is to create a cold and dark ambience with the sound giving an atmospheric feel of the North-Eastern winter on a Doom / Alternative / Ambient bed. The concept of the songs deals with human instincts, paranormal behavior, mixed emotions and feelings. Currently, they are working on their debut album which will be out around soon.

Single Track List :

1. Frozen Lies (ft. Mark Hawkins)  YouTube
2. The Master Who Bleeds  YouTube
3. Whisper of Silence  YouTube  
4. Rememberance  Stream 


  1. Totally ! Awesome !! \m/

  2. I'ma big fan of the mixing and mastering done with the song..
    its completely awesome..!!!!
    everything from the patches to the solos and the break downs... absolutely awesome


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