Band Members :
Jeevan John - Vocals
Luke Sarkar - Guitars
Suvish Samuel - Guitars
Mark Reddy - Bass
Liben Toms - Drums

Transitpoint is a Rap-Rock / Nu-Metal band from Bangalore formed in 2007 by Jeevan and Mark. The band believes when a person meets Jesus (Yahweh), there is a transition from death to life. The band has been recognized for their positive and aggressive stage acts and a unique way of dressing. Musically they have a Rapcore and Thrash Rock influence with liberal doses of Reggae and Melody and has come up with their own sound. Currently the band is working on their debut full-length album.

Single Track List :

1. Yahweh
2. 1981  (Live)Video 
3. Alter Call  (Live)Video 
4. Coming Back  YouTube (Live)Video 
5. Down The Aisle

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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