Imphal Talkies & The Howlers

Band Members :
Akhu aka. Ronid Chingangbam - Vocals / Guitars
Sachidananda Angom - Guitars
Karnajit Laishram - Bass
Chaoba Thiyam - Pena
Irom Singthoi - Drums / Percussion

Imphal Talkies & The Howlers is a Folk-Rock band from Imphal, formed in the summer of 2008 by Akhu and Sachidananda. The band is now based in New Delhi. 'Imphal Talkies' is actually the name of a cinema theatre in front of Kangla fort which used to screen only ‘A’ rated movies, which in a conservative society like Manipur and in a small town like Imphal, was ahead of the times. Deriving their name from the theatre the band members with PhD & MPhil degrees, write lyrics contemporary or ahead of their times and get invitations to perform not only in music concerts but also during public protest. Their album got reviewed in Rolling Stone Magazine, India calling the band as "Voice of The North East''. Since then the band has been performing at protest events in and around Delhi. The band mostly performs protest songs against Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958, and atrocities towards minorities. The band perform in both, English and Manipuri and have played at a number of venues in and around the capital. Their genre is a mixture of Hindustani, Folk Rock and Alternative music.

Album "Tiddim Road" 2009 Track List :

1. Ballad of Kishan
2. Manglan  Video 
3. Mamagi Macha
4. Leisabi
5. Nangbu Kanano
6. Tiddim Road
7. Imphal Sahar
8. Pirang (Tears)

Album "When The Home Is Burning" 2014 Track List :

1. When The Home Is Burning
2. Napa Thorai Macha
3. Ode To The Loktak
4. I Wanna Go To Moscow 
5. Ei Seeragey
6. Radha Leela
7. India, I See Blood In Your Hands
8. Sarkar Gi Thabak
9. Mr. President Is Coming
10. Eise Eini Kaorurvey
11. Nostalgia
12. Nungshi Hidak
13. Eegee Nong

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Single Tack List :

1. Eche (Sister)  YouTube 
2. In The Fight
3. Rise
4. Hey Juliet  Video 
5. Haikhokat Samte! Their Bullets Are Melting In Your Father's Tear
6. Tomba Gi Esei
7. AFSPA Why Don't You Go Fuck Yourself?
8. Local Hero ft.Bonbon  YouTube 
9. Ho Ya Ya
10. Qutub Minar  Video 
11 Lullaby  Video 
12. Song For Bangladesh  YouTube

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  1. 'eche' rocks guys!! Loves it.. But i think, it needs a better (official) video at youtube... Adios mate!!

  2. 'eche' rocks man! Looking forward for dates in imphal. And i think u guys need need a better (like official) video for eche, the one at youtube, are i think every1 has seen it on tv and news... The people here are not gonna change with that... I really hope a better video will do the trick.. Untill then, keep rocking! Adios!

  3. grt goin guys . miss u guys and the music a lot

  4. Nice Songs !!! Keep going !!!

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  6. a great music band honestly! m in love with their songs