Band Members :
Jameer Aran Kharkongor - Vocals
Rangdap Kharshiing - Guitars
Gideon Rupert Nonglait - Bass
Jonathan Dkhar - Drums

Rangdap is basically an Instrumental band from Shillong, formed by Rangdap Kharshiing. He started the journey by the band name "Unfade" in 1995, which disbanded in 2001. Again in 2002, he formed the second band named "Intune", which due to a different range of Genre disbanded in 2006. Then came "Akhia", a project band formed in 2007 under which they launched a Khasi Rock album entitled "Ha Ki Thapniang U Khlieng" (On the wings of an Eagle). But sadly the band could not progress further and disbanded. 2009-2010 was also a good year, where he managed to assemble a band "The Bad Monkeys" and had the chance to tour with Lou Majaw for a year. At present with a complete line-up the band is now all set and ready to roll.

Album "Ha Ki Thapniang U Khlieng" 2008 Track List : [Released Under Akhia]

1. Wad La Ka Lynti
2. :-
3. Ki Dienjat Thymmai
4. Daei?
5. Syrngiew
6. Dur Khmat Ki Wan Paw
7. Ki Lyndet Jingkhang
8. Desperado Dreams

Album "Mama's Boy" 2008 Track List :

1. Shattered
2. Mama's Boy
3. Lost Paradise
4. In Harmony
5. False Promises
6. The Young Ones  YouTube 
7. Desperado Dreams

Album "Beyond The Fence" 2011 Track List :

1. Blue Moon
2. My Morning Sunshine
3. Funky Street
4. For The Good Times
5. Beyond The Fence
6. Kumno!
7. Midnight Blues
8. Jump Space

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