Punk On Toast

Band Members :
Aditya Naik - Vocals / Guitars
Yogesh Lokare - Guitars / Vocals
Prathamesh Sandansing - Bass
Kalidas Shenoy - Drums

Punk On Toast is a Punk Rock band from Mumbai, formed in late 2009. The bands main aim is to make and play punk rock music. Their track 'For Hire' is been featured in a compilation album Stupiditties 5, 'I Don't Know' in Stipiditties 6 and 'Democracy Is A Lie' in Disenfranchised In India.

EP "For Hire" 2015 Track List :

1. Democracy Is A Lie
2. Gods Own City
3. I Don't Want To
4. Rampage
5. For Hire

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Single Track List :

1. Ground Zero
2. 12345678
3. How Does It Feel Now
4. Stereotypes
5. Time Is Running Out

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