Pin Drop Violence

Band Members :
Pradeep Miranda - Vocals
Mithun Poojari - Guitars
Rohit 'P-Man' Pereira - Bass
Viru - Drums

Pin Drop Violence is a Metal band from Mumbai, formed in November 2000. Bringing live energy to the stage was all but natural for the band. Gut-crunching, low-tuned riffola backed by growls and groove elements were all but devoured by the metal-craving crowds at their shows all over the country. The band split up in 2009.

Album 'Compose...Oppose...Dispose' 2004 Track List :

1. Gutterment (Elect The Bastard)  Mp3 YouTube
2. Krapolitix
3. Absurd  YouTube
4. 4
5. Skinless Substitute  YouTube
6. Full Body Burn  YouTube
7. Pulling Out Glass Over A Basin of Blood  YouTube
8. Cold Walls (Repression)  YouTube
9. Tower of Silence  YouTube
10. Stand Your Ground
11. I'm Gonna Fight Back  YouTube
12. Get 'Em Off  YouTube
13. Perfect Defect  YouTube

Album 'Right II Riot' 2007 Track List :

1. No Regrets  YouTube 
2. Rub It In  YouTube 
3. Tough As Nails  YouTube
4. H.A.T.E.  YouTube 
5. Action  YouTube 
6. Break These Damn Walls
7. Reaction  YouTube 
8. Level 2  YouTube 
9. An Act of Violence  YouTube 
10. In Dependence  Mp3 Live YouTube
11. And This Is Why...  YouTube 
12. I.M. Pure  YouTube 
13. Just  YouTube 

Single Track List :

1. Hard Decisions  YouTube  

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