Dark Crucifix

Band Members :
Samir - Vocals / Guitars
Jayesh - Drums

Dark Crucifix is an Extreme Black Metal band from Cochin (Kerala), formed in 1998. The duo responsible for all the mayhem were Samir doing the gruffy growls and guitars, Jayesh belting out the blast beats providing you the glorious opportunities to break your neck. The band was also marred by the fact that being based in Cochin they didn’t have audiences who appreciated their style. If they were in B’lore they’d be amongst the forerunners of the Metal revolution happening there. A truly great demo for extreme music lovers!

Demo 'Chapters of Damnation' 2000 Track List :

1. The Long Awaited Disaster  Mp3
2. In The Dreams of Dead  Mp3 YouTube 
3. When Darkness Descends  Mp3 YouTube

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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